About this Webinar
This masterclass is about connecting with your Ideal Client Avatars, Personas, Target Market or Ideal Client - no matter what name you use for this practice. It's about cutting through all the noise and connecting with clients who want and need what you can provide.

Spend an interesting 30 minutes and take some of the guesswork out of how to find your ideal client. You are guaranteed to learn something at this webinar.

Your takeaway from this webinar is the "How to Create an Ideal Client Avatar" workbook that will be emailed to you shortly after your webinar ends.
  • Who are these Ideal Client people?
  • What drives them?
  • How will my business connect with them?
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    Barb Jemmott
    20+ years of experience working with businesses to understand and implement systems, strategies and procedures is what I bring to the small business space. This passion is focused on helping business owners grow their audiences and income, online.