Working in cross-cultural settings is challenging, rewarding and different than you might first expect! Cross-cultural principles impact Bible translation and relationship-building.
Come discover seven clues to working effectively and sensitively as you serve with the global body of Christ.

Samantha Deck has served with Wycliffe for 18 years in South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States. She is currently a part of the Global Diaspora and Cultural Anthropology teams. Samantha has been helping those who serve displaced people understand trauma, recovery and resilience, as well as being a part of training ministry workers on cultural intelligence, multicultural teamwork, communication, and reconciliation.

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Samantha Deck
Diaspora Specialist
Samantha Deck has served with Wycliffe for over 18 years throughout Asia and eastern Europe as well as on the global diaspora and anthropology teams. Samantha focuses on helping displaced peoples understand trauma, recovery, and resilience, using tools including multicultural teamwork, cultural intelligence and cross-cultural reconciliation.