Missionaries face a wide variety of challenges outside of work, from financial stress to emotional and physical health struggles, team dynamics, family and marriage matters and more.

Wycliffe Bible Translators is committed to supporting our missionaries however we can. We do that with a host of people and teams that are directly focused on caring for missionaries well throughout their careers.

Resource coordinator Joel Garcia as well as Carl and Pam Campbell, directors of staff care for cross-cultural workers in Papua New Guinea, share how God has worked through them to help missionaries thrive.

Explore Wycliffe Live is a free, one-hour online event designed for you to hear from Wycliffe missionaries serving around the world. You’ll get to hear about a variety of topics ranging from Bible translation to internship opportunities to trauma healing and so much more! We hope you’ll join the conversation!
Joel Garcia
Director of Staff Care
Joel helps care for cross-cultural workers in Papua New Guinea.
Carl and Pam Campbell
Directors of Staff Care
Carl and Pam help care for cross-cultural workers in Papua New Guinea.