What if you’re single and marriage isn’t on the horizon anytime soon? Does that mean you should put your dreams of serving in missions on hold?

If you’re thinking about serving on the mission field as a single adult, you’re probably wondering about what you need to know before serving overseas.

Did you know that single women were pioneers in Wycliffe USA and the Bible translation movement? As an organization, we know that God wants single men and women to thrive wherever he calls them. And we’re dedicated to helping!.

Listen in as Alex Larkin and Bree talk about how God has strengthened, encouraged and equipped them to make a difference around the world!

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Alex Larkin
Translation Consultant
John Madden
director of mobilization and sourcing
I live in NW Arkansas but was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I served as a youth pastor for almost 14 years and my wife and I have now been with Wycliffe for 10 years. I have to many hobbies including woodworking, fishing, petting every dog-puppy in sight, birdwatching and telling dad jokes.