What's the piece of tech that people at your org spend the most time with? A laptop or desktop. From an IT Operations perspective, we call these endpoints. So in this upcoming webinar, we are going to be talking all about endpoints. Specifically, the future of Windows and the power of managing your endpoints in the cloud!

As you may have heard, Microsoft just announced a free upgrade to Windows 11 that will become available later this year. If you remember back to previous updates from Microsoft, you might recall their track record with new OS releases are hit or miss. From what we've seen there are some exciting updates that we look forward to sharing with you.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a gamechanger for managing, deploying, and securing your endpoints in the cloud. You can even manage users, apps, and devices without disruptions to existing processes. Add in the opportunity for automating processes, and all the sudden your org is running more efficiently than ever.

Come with your questions, we'll be ready to dig in.
  • Windows 11
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Future of Windows / Modern Desktop
  • Windows 365 / VDI
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    Adam Devereaux
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