So much has happened in the past year and there are still significant changes on the horizon. Many organizations will open up their offices in the upcoming weeks and months. While each team will have unique challenges, many of us will be confronting a new reality: hybrid work. With some employees eager to come back in the office and some loving working from home, we are now tasked with how to meet the needs of a more diverse workforce.

In this Ask Me Anything webinar, Adam and Becca chat with Worksighted CEO, Mike Harris about the challenges and opportunities organizations will face and be ready to answer your questions like:

• How will employees meet when some are in the office and others not?
• What kind of conference room tech do we need?
• Will employees need two PC setups?
• How do I balance security and productivity?

Submit your questions at or just show up ready to dig in. You can ask your questions live or via the Q&A function.
Mike Harris co-founded Worksighted and is passionate about employment strategy and hiring practices.

A charismatic public speaker, Mike has shared his expertise at events like TEDx Macatawa, Holland Young Professionals, and West Coast Chamber of Commerce. In his TEDtalk, Mike outlines how aligning passions with work increases performance. Mike is devoted to growing the future leaders of Worksighted and the local business community by sharing knowledge he gained through starting and growing a business.

Mike has been honored as Holland Area Chamber of Commerce’s Small-Business Persons of the Year and on Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 40 under 40.

Mike Harris earned his bachelor’s in mathematics and computer science from Hope College.
Marketing Content Specialist
Rebecca is a Marketing Content Specialist here at Worksighted. She works hard to bring fresh, relevant content that helps our community increase efficiency and decrease frustrations. In her spare time, you can find her exploring the lakeshore or planning her next traveling adventure.
Cloud and Security Manager
Adam Devereaux is the Cloud and Security Manager at Worksighted and is a big picture thinker. He helps our clients think long term about how technology can be a catalyst for their organization's growth while finding realistic solutions that will fit their budget priorities.