This webinar focus on the reviews low airflow issues, and refrigerant charge verification procedures.

The focus is on California Title 24 Part 6 'Energy Code'. Home Energy Raters, Energy Auditors and HVAC Contractors. Others are welcome!

Included in the webinar is a video breakout session airflow, fan watt efficacy and refrigerant charge verification procedures.

Included in this updated presentation is an introduction to the newer refrigerants being offered in equipment and for substitution. We have also added a section on how to perform a Non-invasive refrigerant charge verification.

This is part two of a two part session. Part one centers on Airflow, and issues causing poor airflow. The Airflow session video includes the newly released True Flow Grid from The Energy Conservatory and it's APP.

We recommend signing up for both days when available!
  • Airflow requirements
  • Refrigerant charge verification and diagnostics
  • California Title 24, Part 6 (Energy Code) Refrigerant Charge Verification
  • Video demonstrating air flow measurements, fan watt efficacy and refrigerant charge verification.
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    Gary Wollin