This webinar focus on the problems of low airflow in residential systems. Covers problems causing low airflow and how to improve airflow to meet California Title 24 Part 6 'Energy Code'.

Included in the webinar is a video breakout session where pressure drops across various filters is demonstrated. The pressure drops across various registers styles and the resulting impact on External Static Pressure, (Total System Pressure).

Procedures for measuring airflow such as plenum pressure matching and flow grids will be demonstrated. Also, demonstrated is Fan Watt Efficacy procedures.

Part 2 (half day) is a session on Refrigerant charge. There is a review of some of the Airflow material for individuals who only sign up for the Refrigerant Charge (Part two).

We recommend signing up for both days when available!
  • Science behind the qualities of air
  • Low airflow issues
  • California Title 24, Part 6 (Energy Code) Air Flow requirements
  • Filters, Registers, Return ductwork
  • Video demonstrating Plenum Pressure Matching, Flow Grids air flow measurements and Fan Watt Efficacy
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    Gary Wollin