Building Science affects all facets of residential construction. California like other parts of the desert southwest has a unique dry climate environment. This material covers the fundamental issues affecting building siting, design and implementation.
The session is designed to provide Raters, HVAC Contractors, Builders and anyone interested in a basic understanding of how air, heat and moisture transfer through a building envelope.
  • Building performance science
  • Heat and energy transfer mechanism
  • Pressure differences and drivers
  • Moisture transfer processes
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    Gary Wollin
    Gary has been training the Dry Climate ACCA processes since 2003 in California, formerly with Douglass Beaman Associates. HE was one of the lead instructors for CHEERS Rating provider through 2013. Since then, he along with his team have developed a mobile training unit that assist raters, contractors, and other building professionals understand the energy science forming the base of efficient construction practices.

    The MI-BEST program combines classroom instruction with practical hands-on opportunities including, the opportunity to use multiple pieces of equipment from the key equipment suppliers.