This webinar is part 2 of a 3 part training seminar.
Part 1 (Day 1) covers the basic science behind residential load calculations. Expands to the use of Wrightsoft to calculate loads.

Part 2 (also Day 1) focuses on Dry Climate equipment sizing protocols. Attendees will use software and Manufacturers product data to correctly determine HVAC equipment sizes.

It is recommended to download Wrightsoft before the session begins.


Download the Demo.

Part 3 (Day 2) expands the training to include ACCA Manual D Duct design principles and includes a session on residential design within Wrightsoft. Watch for training sessions.

We recommend signing up for both days when available!
  • Continue Manual J practice
  • Equipment sizing using Manual S dry climate principles
  • Hands-on use of Wrightsoft
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    Gary Wollin