This webinar is part 3 of a 3 part training seminar.

Part 1 (Day 1) covered the basic science behind residential load calculations.
Part 2 (also Day 1) focused on Dry Climate equipment sizing protocols.

In PART 3 (Day 2) Attendees will continue to use Wrightsoft software as they progress from Manual D principles to using Wrightsoft design software.

Part 3 expands the training to include ACCA Manual D Duct design principles and includes a session on residential design within Wrightsoft.

It is recommended to download Wrightsoft before the session begins.


Download the Demo.

We recommend signing up for both days when available!
  • Manual D design principles
  • Set-up and use of Wrightsoft, Manual D controls
  • Hands-on use of Wrightsoft
  • Equipment sizing using Manual S dry climate principles
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    Gary Wollin