The Wolfram Technology in Action: Engineering webinar series brings you first-hand experience from industry-leading innovators on how they're solving complex engineering challenges.

In this webinar:
Bob Burrage, Director at Rotorcraft Operations, will show how he has adapted an off-the-shelf auto-pilot design for conventional planes to be used in his novel tiltrotor aircraft.

Jay Alan Jackson, Musician and Associate Professor at Florida State University, will demonstrate the use of UnityLink and Unity3D to create an interactive mixed-reality music video.

Jan Brugard, CEO of Wolfram MathCore, will provide a unique insight into the real-world application of modelling and simulation tools for engineering challenges.

As well as hearing from these expert users of the Wolfram Language, you'll also get the opportunity to get (virtually) face-to-face with the makers of the software they're using to see how Wolfram can help with your engineering challenges.
  • Adapting Flight Controls for a Tiltrotor Aircraft
  • How to Train Your Robotic Sea Turtle/Close Encounters of the Mth Kind
  • Wolfram System Modeler for Real-World Applications
Bob Burrage
Director–Rotorcraft Operations Limited
Bob Burrage is researching a novel configuration of tiltrotor aircraft. His background is in aerospace systems engineering for gas turbine and flight control systems.
Jay Alan Jackson
Associate Professor–Rochester Institute of Technology
Jay Alan Jackson is a musician, mathematician and computer scientist. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Florida State University and has been a faculty member at Rochester Institute of Technology since 2002, with joint appointments in the School of Interactive ​Games & Media and the School of Mathematical Sciences.
Jan Brugård
CEO–Wolfram MathCore
Jan Brugård is the CEO of Wolfram MathCore in Linköping, Sweden. He is an experienced modeler and has spent several years modelling complex engineering applications, primarily within the electrical and mechanical field but also within life sciences and thermodynamics.

Brugård is one of the driving forces behind the development of System Modeler, a modelling and simulation environment that integrates with Mathematica.