The Wolfram Technology in Action: Engineering webinar series brings you first-hand experience from industry-leading innovators about how they have taken advantage of the Wolfram Language and System Modeler to solve their complex engineering challenges.

In this webinar, you'll discover how Wolfram technologies can help speed up your engineering workflows from brief to deployment. Rather than having a disparate collection of specialised systems, Wolfram technologies provide a single, unified, multiparadigm workflow for rapid prototyping, modelling, simulation, optimisation and solving complex calculations across all engineering specialisms.

As well as hearing from expert users of the Wolfram Language, you'll also get the opportunity to get (virtually) face-to-face with the makers of the software to see how Wolfram can help with your engineering challenges.
  • Geodata Applied to Civil Engineering: The LEP/LHC Tunnel at CERN
  • Image Processing for Continuous Monitoring of Cracks in Civil Constructions
  • Using System Modeler to Improve Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability in Energy
Bruno Autin
Accelerator Physicist at CERN
Bruno Autin has been an accelerator physicist at CERN from 1967 to 2004.

Projects that he has worked on include the first proton collider (ISR), the SLAC electron positron collider (PEP), the antiproton source at CERN and Fermilab, the theory of synchrotron lattices using Mathematica and an initiative in neutrino physics (NuFact series of workshops).

Bruno is preparing a book on particle accelerators and the Wolfram Language.
Pollyana Rosa Daniel
Engineering Analyst - TechCon Engineering and Consultants
Pollyana Rosa is structural engineer by UFES and is studying towards an MBA in project management.

Pollyana is also an engineering analyst at TechCon Engineering and Consultants and is a researcher of alternative materials for asphalt paving and structural behavior of pavement layers.
Leonardo Roncetti
Co-founder and Owner - TechCon Engineering and Consultants
Leonardo Roncetti is structural engineer with a Master of Science from UFRJ. Roncetti is studying towards a PhD in offshore structures with an emphasis in marine and lifting operations.

Researching dynamic simulations of offshore cranes, subsea liftingand structural optimization, Roncetti is also a professor and coordinator of post-graduation engineering courses.