This instructor-led session introduces core technologies for getting started quickly with the Wolfram technology stack. Learn to work with Wolfram Notebooks in the cloud as well as on your desktop and familiarize yourself with the syntax and programming fundamentals of Wolfram Language. No prior experience with Wolfram Language is required. Earn a certificate of course completion by attending this online class and passing the quiz.

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  • Examples solving computational problems with Wolfram tech
  • Working with notebooks on the desktop and in the cloud
  • Using natural language to compute with real-world data
  • Tapping into the world's largest network of built-in algorithms
  • Leveraging Wolfram repositories of ready-to-use data, models and code
  • Understanding Wolfram Language syntax and expressions
  • Structuring data for computational analysis
  • Applying symbolic and functional programming techniques
  • Programming and deployment with the Wolfram Cloud
  • Practicing with data analysis, visualization and machine learning exercises
Abrita Chakravarty
Wolfram Certified Instructor