Join us for a free webinar for community and junior college professors on using Wolfram technology to engage and excite students taking mathematics classes. This webinar includes two 30 minute presentations featuring how to access thousands of built-in mathematical functions and datasets, step-by-step exploration, using the notebook interface to create interactive documents and slide shows and much more. Many of the challenges facing mathematics instruction will be explored, and solutions presented.

During these sessions you'll learn how to:
  • Deepen your students' understanding of math concepts
  • Access real-world data to explore real-world problems
  • Quickly access data and run computations using plain English—with no syntax required
  • Give students valuable analytics skills with technology used heavily in industry and higher education
  • Use the same technology that powers the search results for Siri and Amazon Alexa

This webinar is part of the "Exploring Community & Junior College Education with Wolfram|Alpha Technology" Webinar Series. View the additional webinar topics available and register »
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Andy Giddens
Wolfram Academic Account Executive
Kelvin Mischo
Wolfram Certified Instructor
Bradley Janes
Wolfram|Alpha Math Content Manager
Craig Bauling
Wolfram Software and Resource Development