This free introductory course demonstrates how to interactively explore nearly any field using computation. See how computational thinking—a modern blend of critical analysis and information processing—is being applied to a range of disciplines not traditionally associated with coding. Topics and examples rotate each time this course is offered. Some sessions focus on cellular microscopy, and others focus on audio processing or nerding out about space! Every session includes how to use basic Wolfram tools and beginner machine learning examples. Earn a certificate of course completion by attending this online class and passing the quiz.

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  • Learn to create and style Wolfram Notebooks
  • Leverage the built-in computational intelligence of Wolfram Language
  • Incorporate an extensive collection of real-world data and algorithms in any project
  • Use natural language understanding to write programs
  • Explore case studies from natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and applied sciences
Arben Kalziqi
Wolfram Certified Instructor
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