Whether you're a spreadsheet novice or a PivotTable master, CloudConnector for Excel adds a simple, direct interface to high-powered Wolfram Language computations right in Excel.

For Wolfram developers, CloudConnector offers a way to make workflows simpler, faster and more powerful with the ability to centralize access anytime, anywhere. Excel users with no knowledge of Wolfram Language are able to access our functionality in an intuitive way. CloudConnector can be integrated into your current workflows without disruption.

This webinar will cover all the basic functionalities of CloudConnector and will demonstrate some useful examples to inspire your future use of the product.
  • Demonstration of Wolfram Language functions, particularly the WolframAPI function
  • Different result types, including graphical results such as Graph and GeoGraphics
  • More detailed use cases of CloudConnector for Excel
  • Resources overview
Anthony Zupnik
Lead Developer, Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel
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