2021 has been an amazing year for the Frenchtech ecosystem: number of unicorns, total funds raised, growth... never had we been dreaming that BIG in France!

But large funding rounds or big goals imply a great deal of learning, reinventing and innovation to take your tech stack to the next level. That’s why the WizVille team has assembled an all-star group of doers and thinkers of the Rails ecosystem, to help us all learn, and make 2022 even greater!

What are the most interesting hacks, new tech, gems or so that the best and brightest have implemented to fuel their impressive growth in 2021? What are the key learnings 12 months after Hotwire’s launch? Is the tech reliable, easy to use? Should you consider migrating?

To answer those questions, we’ll have 3 talks :

First, we’ll have David Heinemier Hanson who’ll pitch in to share his vision on how Hotwire evolved, answer the feedbacks & questions about Hotwire, and share with us the most interesting and impressive new Rails related tech he’s seen and used in 2021 to help Basecamp’s app grow.

Then, we’ll have a panel with Sylvain Utard, Head of Engineering at Sorare - probably one of the fastest growing french startups EVER (40x in 2021) - and Nicolas Denayer, VP Engineering at Doctolib, now one of the Most Admired Companies in France, and has had a HUGE year. They’ll tell us, along with our own CTO Clément Bruchon, how they’ve handled such a peak year and their top learnings and most interesting new tech implemented.

And last but not least, we’ve selected for you - with the most valuable help from Adrien Siami, CTO at Ecotable and Hotwire Developer himself - some of the most interesting Hotwire developers in France. They’ll share their story, how they migrated to HW, their hacks and their feedback on the tech. With the participation of Adrien Siami, Adrien Poly CTO at Plume, Bob Maerten, Dev & Ops at Homecinesolutions

***UPDATE Feb 09 2022*** :

The agenda has been changed, DHH will speak first at 4pm!

  • 4pm-4.45pm - Fireside chat with David Heinemeier Hansson about Hotwire & Rails (in English)
  • 4.50pm-5.30pm - Panel : "Take your Rails stack to next level " with Sorare & Doctolib (in French)
  • 5.30pm-6.15pm - Panel : "Hotwire Developers share their journey from 0 to 1 " (in French)
WizVille Team
Bob Maerten
Dev & Ops @HomeCineSolutions
Adrien Siami
CTO @ Ecotable
Ruby & Rails lover since 2010
Adrien Poly
CTO @ PLume
CTO at Plume, Ruby on Rails and Javascript. Open Source contributor @hotwired/stimulus and creator of Stimulus-Use
Timothée de Laitre
CEO @ WizVille
CEO & Chief of Product @ WizVille, Leading Customer Satisfaction Management SaaS for Retail
Sylvain Utard
Head of Engineering @ Sorare
Passionate french entrepreneur. Head of Engineering @ Sorare, previously General Manager AI & VP Engineering @ Algolia.
David Heinemeier Hansson
Founder & CTO @Basecamp
Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp & HEY, NYT best-selling author, and Le Mans 24h class-winning racing driver.
Clément Bruchon
Co-Founder & CTO @WizVille
Passionate about #Rails #Vue #React. Entrepreneur. Epitech 2012 graduate.
Nicolas De Nayer @Doctolib
VP Engineering @Doctolib
Engineering Leadership Mentor @Plato and former Engineering Manager @Viadeo
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