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What if you only needed to make changes to your investment allocations THREE times in your entire life? Planning for a peaceful and enjoyable retirement does NOT have to be stressful or complicated! Simplicity is the new sophistication! There is a SIMPLE, effective approach to retirement planning... and this free online training will help you get started on that path!

Whether you are an experienced investor or you have no prior experience or knowledge, this free online training will provide you with the right mindset to make proper investment decisions.

Knowing what phase of investing you are in is the FIRST step to making investment decisions that lead to less emotional and more rational investment decisions -- this free online class will make sure you know what steps to take.

How to make good investment decisions in every stage of your life comes from knowing the right questions to ask - this free online course will teach you!

You will discover the critical risks that must be addressed at each phase of your investing life.

Learn a guiding principle for each phase that will keep your goals on track and give you financial peace of mind - regardless of market turmoil or current events.

Your path to financial peace of mind and better investment decisions can be found in this online free training!

  • Learn the 3 phases of investing
  • Identify which phase of investing you are in
  • Understand the risks associated with each phase
  • Answer a few basic questions about each phase to determine your investment strategy
  • Discover the guiding investment principle to follow in each phase
Published Author, Speaker and Course Instructor
After working as a representative of an insurance company and an advisor of a national investment brokerage firm, Stephen launched his own registered investment advisory firm, Wise Wealth LLC. The slogan he developed as he began remains the cornerstone of his firm and its advisors: First Wisdom, Then Wealth.

Stephen believes financial peace comes from having a plan – which is the basis for all other decisions. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Certified Kingdom Advisor™ and he holds insurance and securities licenses. He believes in listening to his clients and creating customized financial plans based on their unique needs and goals.