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Check out the trailer for the film here: https://youtu.be/e4E-BIclfHg

Windhover Performing Arts Center, located in Rockport, MA, is proud to partner once again with NYC-based Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre to present Quarry Dance IX. This year’s Quarry Dance takes the form of a 35-minute film capturing the natural elements surrounding three different private and stunning Cape Ann quarries.

The Quarry Dances are the result of a vision by Windhover’s founder, the late Ina Hahn. The aim was to marry the art of dance with the pristine granite landscapes of the quarries of Cape Ann. (for more information, please visit www.windhover.org). “It has been a great privilege of mine,” says Lisa Hahn, Executive Director of Windhover, to continue working with the critically-acclaimed Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre (www.dusantynek.org), who have been integral to the conception and execution of this film, since the inception of the Quarry Dances nine years ago.” The Quarry Dances have become synonymous with the dance company’s summer presence on Cape Ann over these many years. This performance was choreographed on site by Dušan, in collaboration with his dancers (two at a time), using these selected private quarries during one week in August 2020.

An original score was composed for this quarry dance by the talented Boston-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and frequent Quarry Dance collaborator Russ Gershon.

The videographer and editor, Anders Johnson, filmed from canoes, rowboats and even an inflatable swan to capture creative perspectives.

Lisa Hahn is the Producer of Quarry Dance lX, carrying these inspiring dances forward, mindful of bringing attention to the natural world and the beauty of the Cape Ann landscape. Utilizing the quarries as natural amphitheaters for dance is a unique and uplifting perspective.

Primary funding was provided by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation. Additional assistance was also given by the Rockport and Gloucester Cultural Councils.

THANK YOU to all of the quarry owners who care for, protect and preserve these unique places!
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