Looking for a birding getaway where you can feel safe, warm, get many lifers, visit rain and dry forests, mangroves, karst, beach, rivers, and a bioluminescent bay? A place where you can have good food and a nice Caribbean coffee every day on an island (just 100 x 35 miles wide!) and still be in the USA? These reasons and more are what make many people wonder: Why not Puerto Rico? In this webinar, we’re exploring the benefits of traveling to my beautiful Caribbean Island home. I love to say that we visit birds, not places. That gives me the flexibility to show you many different natural, cultural and historical attractions in Puerto Rico while we search for the endemic birds and Caribbean specialties in areas that only a local guide with more than 10 years of experience can offer. Come along for a virtual tour - why not?
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    Gabriel Lugo
    Birding Guide
    Gabriel Lugo is a certified Puerto Rico guide. His passion for birding was sparked by an invitation to join an Audubon Christmas Bird Count a number of years ago. A curiosity became a passion and Gabriel was soon making major sightings throughout Puerto Rico, earning a strong reputation with the local birding community. Gabriel has since become one of the top birding guides in Puerto Rico. His contributions to Puerto Rico birding led him to be elected as President of the Puerto Rico Ornithological Society. Gabriel’s eyes and ears have proven him an excellent birder and his contagious enthusiasm helped make him an excellent leader! He has been a senior guide with Wildside Nature Tours since 2010.
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    Sally Ingraham