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Session 3: Detailed ID Coverage of the most Difficult Shorebird Species

This session will provide brief coverage of regular vagrants and some expected rarities, with comparison photos of similar N. American species if applicable. Kevin will then give in depth coverage on how to separate the most difficult shorebird species in North America using real life or digitized photos, including similar species in side-by-side comparison. Pertinent ID tips are embedded into the digital images so participants can see the most important features to concentrate on. A good amount of the information is personal to Kevin and not available in other print or digital media, which should help participants in separating these tough similar species. Some of the species covered include dowitchers; Western and Semi-palmated Sandpipers; Eastern and Western Willet; American and Pacific-golden Plovers; and nonbreeding phalaropes. Forty-one years of Kevin’s study of these birds will be shared during this workshop, so save yourself some time and review it with Kevin in a relatively short amount of time.
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    Kevin Karlson
    Field Guide Author and Photographer
    Kevin Karlson is an accomplished birder, author, professional tour leader and wildlife photographer/instructor. He is a regular at Bird and Nature festivals in North America, where he gives keynote presentations, workshops on bird identification, and photo instruction.

    Kevin’s books include The Shorebird Guide (2007); Birding by Impression: A Different Approach to Bird Identification (2015); Birds of Prey (2017) (all three Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers); and Gulls Simplified: A Comparative Identification Approach (Princeton University Press, 2018). Photography books include The Birds of Cape May and Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird and Nature Photography (Schiffer Publishing).

    Kevin also produced six photographic laminated foldout ID guides for Quick Reference Publishing (Raptors of Eastern and Western North America (2012); Waterfowl of North America (2013); Warblers of North America (2016); Shorebirds of North America (2014); and Owls and Nightjars of North America (2017).

    While officially retired, Kevin continues to lead select tours and photo workshops for his company Jaeger Tours, and for Wildside Nature Tours.