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Caribbean Islands? South American Country? Yes to both! The colorful, vibrant, English speaking Caribbean culture belies the fact that this dual-island nation lies just 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

This proximity to the South American Continent (and at one time not having water between) allowed a diversity of nearly 500 species of birds and many of the mammals found on the main continent, such as sloths and several species of monkeys.

Join nature photographer, photo instructor, birder and Wildside leader, Roger Neckles, on this colorful adventure through his eyes and images to discover all that Trinidad & Tobago have to offer!
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    Roger Neckles
    Photo Instructor
    Born in Trinidad, raised and schooled in London, England, Wildlife Photographer/Naturalist Roger Neckles is considered by many to be one of the Caribbean’s most prominent wildlife photographers. His award-winning works, recognized for their mastery of color, composition and perspective, have graced the pages of numerous international natural history books, magazines and archives, including premier publications such as National Geographic, Natural History, Audubon, Wild Bird, Birding, Birdwatchers Digest, Birders World and Caribbean Beat, to name a few.

    Most notably Roger's images were commissioned by the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) to create a series of 28 stamps featuring many of Trinidad and Tobago’s rare or threatened native species and historical sites.

    Formerly Photographer and Public Affairs Consultant to the Caribbean and Latin America, to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Roger has played a major role in numerous local natural history documentaries, winning the coveted “Green Leaf Award” for audiovisual work, in recognition of his contribution to environmental conservation and protection.

    On the other side of the camera, Mr. Neckles has been featured in films produced by the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Today, some of which have been aired in over 110 countries around the world.

    His true passion  - he will quickly tell you - lies in leading Nature Photography Tours and Workshops for over 2 decades throughout Central and South America and at home in Trinidad and Tobago. His reviews speak volumes for his passion for photography, adventure and teaching a multitude of tips and techniques in an easy to grasp, fun-filled manner, instilling confidence, excitement and memorable results for his students!