Recorded Thu, May 14, 2020 6:00 pm (EDT)
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    This is one of those truly game-changing sessions with photography. You'll learn why strategically emphasized contrast is so critically important in photography--and how to execute it!

    • Did you know that how and where you use it makes all the difference in the impact of an image?

    • Did you know you can actually manipulate your audience to follow a path in your images in a certain order and sequence?

    • Are you aware that carefully placed contrast plays a critically important role in whether your images are experienced in a pleasing way, or with strain?

    • Have you mastered the secret of making an image come to life and “pop?”

    • Need ideas to improve the “resting place” for your viewer’s eye as they navigate your image?

    Deepening your knowledge and skill sets skills in these areas will help you create powerful images with high impact, a more intense experience for your audience and visual "staying power."

    I will teach you special techniques that can be accomplished in-the-field as well as during post-processing that will truly amaze you.

    Join in numerous audience-interactive webinar-based learning activities throughout the session! This is NOT your boring sit-and-get webinar that puts you to sleep. We will explore before-and-after examples, participate in visually interactive tests, and teach you how you can make changes to your own images simply and effectively. Get ready for a webinar that is a game-changer for your photography!

    Whether you are controlling for contrast in your exposures themselves, and/or in post-processing, this fun, informative and audience-interactive webinar will help you learn the tricks and techniques necessary to make your images go from drab to fab!
  • Agenda
    • Learn why contrast is critically important as a compositional element
    • Learn what role contrast plays in your images
    • Learn the secrets of making an image "pop" in-camera
    • Learn editing tips to make specific contrast adjustments that will create strong impact
    • Learn how to "manipulate" your audience's visual experience through carefully chosen contrast
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