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This webinar will demonstrate for you my personal workflow from importing images all the way through the images being in their final destination. I will walk you through each and every step I undertake to take an image from RAW to WOW (or to the trash bin!).

I will give you precise step-by-step direction so you can see what I do, take parts you like and then add your own touch to the process.

The final part of this session will be some in-depth editing examples of specific wildlife and landscape images.
  • My Lightroom Workflow - Overview
  • My Importing Process
  • My Initial Folder Structure
  • My Initial Image Review
  • Bulk Develop Presets
  • Captioning/Geotagging
  • The Develop Process
  • Exporting Images for Social Media
  • Using Publish Services
  • Final File Organization
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    Lee Hoy
    Olympus Educator, Photo Instructor
    As owner/operator of Big Bend Birding & Photo Tours, I focus my time on helping others enjoy the beauty of the Big Bend National Park Region and serving as a freelance photographer when time permits. Publishing is fun, but my main interest is in helping others find that special bird or teaching them to capture spectacular images while they are visiting Big Bend National Park or surrounding areas. I am an award winning photographer and my images have been in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, Texas Highways, Bird Watcher’s Digest, & NANPA’s Expressions.

    I also serve as a photography workshop instructor for Wildside Nature Tours and Kevin Loughlin with destinations such as the Galapagos Islands National Park, Ecuador, Amazon Riverboat Cruise, Costa Rica, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park in winter, and more. You can see some of my images from these destinations in my portfolio page on my website.

    My passion for birding began during my first visit to Big Bend National Park in August 1989 when a Canyon Towhee caught my eye in the Chisos Basin. Since then, I have traveled to 49 states and 7 Canadian provinces in search of the birds and wildlife of North America. Big Bend is my favorite and I have been on every trail and road in the park. No one is better equipped to serve as your guide to make sure you have a wonderful experience in the park, Fort Davis, Marathon, Marfa, or other points in-between.