This webinar will provide you with some simple but powerful tips and techniques for capturing great landscape images. We will examine a series of images that utilize each tip or technique and why that image is successful. Some of these tips include how to use angles to your benefit; how to choose the right lens for your image; how to "follow your eye" to the image; and when to "get off the beaten path."

You will come away with some very practical, memorable and enjoyable methods for taking your landscape photography to the next level.
  • Introductions & Greetings
  • Angles
  • Clouds are Your Best Friend
  • Chasing Light
  • Long Exposure Techniques
  • Choosing the Right Lens
  • Be Patient
  • Do Not Try to Replicate the Work of Others
  • Follow Your Eye
  • Long Lens Landscapes
  • Get Off the Beaten Path
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    Lee Hoy