In 2018 the 1st record of a Great Black Hawk in the United States was documented in Texas by Alex Lamoreaux and others. After that remarkable sighting, the black hawk went on to amaze the birding world by taking a truly epic journey from south Texas to coastal Maine - a straight line distance of 2,000 miles! Join Alex on the 2-year anniversary of this incredible raptor's discovery in Maine to learn more about this young hawk's exciting story!
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    Alex Lamoreaux
    Senior Leader
    Alex Lamoreaux has been an avid birder and naturalist his entire life. He grew up exploring the farmland hedgerows and Appalachian ridges near Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was always outside scouring the marshlands and forests behind his childhood home for birds and other wildlife, and began banding saw-whet owls and volunteering at Hawk Mountain before he could even drive! Alex has traveled extensively throughout North America, Central America, and South Africa in pursuit of wildlife adventures and research opportunities.

    Alex is a freelance biologist, wildlife photographer, and environmental educator. He has worked on a variety of avian research projects ranging from Whimbrel migration along the coast of Virginia, to threatened Yellow-billed Cuckoos nesting in the desert southwest. Alex’s main interests are in the visible migration of birds, especially raptors. He has been the migration counter at the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory for three fall seasons, documenting the massive bird movements that occur along Lake Superior. Alex loves to share his knowledge of nature, and strives to bring the birding community together to enjoy all that birds and wildlife have to offer. Alex currently resides in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, but bird-guiding takes him all over the World! As a senior guide and our North American birding specialist, Alex has a busy schedule of tours throughout the year and hopes to see you out in the field!