Cuba is well-known for its amazing landscapes, vibrant culture and unique biodiversity. Birding in Cuba is extraordinary. According to the new Endemic Birds of Cuba: A Comprehensive Field Guide, 371 birds have been recorded in Cuba, including 26 which are endemic to the island and 30 which are considered globally threatened. Due to its large land area and geographical position within the Caribbean, Cuba is also extraordinarily important for Neotropical migratory birds—more than 180 species pass through during migration or spend the winter on the island.

Our itinerary takes you to several of the best and most beautiful birding locations in Cuba, providing opportunities to see many of Cuba’s endemic species and subspecies as well as many migrants. Along the way, we will meet people in local communities, stay mainly in Bed & Breakfast establishments (casas particulares) and eat in private restaurants (paladars), allowing you to experience Cuba’s rich culture, delicious food, friendly people, and generous hospitality.
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    Gabriel Lugo
    Birding Guide
    Gabriel Lugo is a certified Puerto Rico guide. His passion for birding was sparked by an invitation to join an Audubon Christmas Bird Count a number of years ago. A curiosity became a passion and Gabriel was soon making major sightings throughout Puerto Rico, earning a strong reputation with the local birding community. Gabriel has since become one of the top birding guides in Puerto Rico. His contributions to Puerto Rico birding led him to be elected as President of the Puerto Rico Ornithological Society. Gabriel’s eyes and ears have proven him an excellent birder and his contagious enthusiasm helped make him an excellent leader! He has been a senior guide with Wildside Nature Tours since 2010.