There is more to a great photograph than aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The camera, lens, computer, etc. are merely the means to an end. Are you ready to move beyond your tools and focus on creating images that speak to you? This webinar will help you see past the technical aspects of photography to explore creativity and personal style.
Like any skill, thinking and seeing creatively becomes easier the more you do it. Olympus Educator Rob Knight will help you to open your creative eyes. He will show you exercises you can do to help you find your unique point of view and hone your photographic style. You will learn tips and techniques you can practice to tune in to your surroundings and develop your creative vision.
No matter your skill level or your favorite photography subject, this webinar will give you ideas for creating images that come from your heart.

Included with this webinar is a copy of Rob's eBook, "The Photographer's Creative Curve".
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Seeing creatively
  • Creative exercises
  • Developing your personal style
  • Exploring creative bels and whistles
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    Rob Knight
    Olympus Educator, Tenba Visual Artist, Photo Workshop Leader
    Travel and Nature photographer Rob Knight has been a professional artist for nearly thirty years. He’s been a photographer for more than half of that time and an educator since 2009. Rob has been using mirrorless cameras since before they were cool. He has been teaching and writing about the micro 4/3 system since he got his first Olympus Pen camera in 2011.
    Rob is an Olympus Educator, a Tenba Visual Artist, and GNARBOX Pro ambassador. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom, and a two-time finalist for the National Association of Photoshop Professional’s “Photoshop Guru” award. Rob has published two books for Peachpit Press and Rocky Nook Publishing, and his work has been featured in Nature’s Best Photography magazine
    Rob is best known for his destination photo workshops, his easy-going teaching style and his informative critiques. Rob enjoys teaching in a classroom setting, but he loves teaching and exploring with students on location. Rob began leading photo workshops in 2009 with a focus on nature and wildlife photography.
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    Kevin Loughlin
    Kevin Loughlin was raised to appreciate nature while exploring the woodlands of Pennsylvania as a child. At age six, during a family trip through the American West, Kevin became fascinated with photography as well seeing the new and different birds throughout North America. Instilled with a love for travel and seeking new, exciting destinations he felt a desire to share his experiences with others and in 1993 he created Wildside.

    Kevin’s photographs and articles have appeared in publications such as Audubon, Nature Photographer, WildBird, Birding and Philadelphia Magazines, as well as the many natural history books, most recently “Peterson’s Reference Guide to Owls of North American and the Caribbean” by Scott Weidensaul. Kevin’s current projects include co-authoring a complete revision of John Kricher's popular book “Galapagos: A Natural History.”