West Northfield School District 31 Virtual Board Meeting
March 19th, 2020 7:00 PM

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Central Time (US & Canada)
Cost: Free
Webinar ID: 4e35acc6c0a3
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About the Speakers

1584542008-4804f80af32c7ad3 Erin Murphy
Superintendent of Schools

1584542202-5c9116630b56b026 Melissa Choo Valentinas
Board President

1584541864-6ab849c2a3c4edc5 Laura Greenberg
Board Vice President

1584542306-fa61053dc6da901a Daphne Frank
Board Secretary

1584542240-4f2097565a37e1dc Maria J Vasilopoulos
Board Member

1584541886-d0104f035003614b Jeffrey Steres
Board Member

1584542532-77098234ab20d83a Jeffrey Steres
Board Member

1584542349-e75c873e7e0398a7 Dr. Maria Vasilopoulos
Board Member

1584541944-5b8d686668ab6516 Cathy Lauria
Assistant Superintendent of FInance and Operations

1584542028-c35f86ab575f8f0b Janine Gruhn
Director of Special Education

1584542101-c63edecaccac9298 Erica Berger
Principal - Winkelman Elementary School

1584542074-dd1ac8bd8fa44d80 April Miller
Principal - Field Middle School

1584542126-627e614bb55afbd4 Nino Alvarez

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