Recorded Wed, November 18, 2020 3:35 pm (EST)
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    Cambium Carbon is an early stage social impact venture born out of the World Resources Institute and Yale University’s entrepreneurship program. The organization works to build Reforestation Hubs — a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership that aims to restore city forests across the US by diverting urban trees from landfills, upcycling each log to its best use, and reinvesting proceeds to expand local tree nursery capacity and planting efforts.

    Cambium Carbon is rethinking how we value the benefits urban forests provide to cities and their residents – from raw wood resources to ecosystem services. By identifying key infrastructure investments, creating a source of local capital, and engaging local businesses, residents, and policymakers, the company aims to catalyze tree planting and maintenance in urban centers and surrounding landscapes. In doing so, we can create new green jobs, replant local forests, improve public health, and stem the worst of climate change.

    This session will explain the Reforestation Hub model and how it can contribute to climate resilience, economic recovery and equity. It will also highlight case studies and address the enabling conditions cities can put in place to get started with their own reforestation hubs.

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