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Making the most of NHS IT teams

About This Webinar

In discussing the relentless pressure that has been faced by NHS staff in recent years, IT staff are sometimes forgotten – yet they too have encountered novel challenges. When the pandemic first hit, they were charged with scaling up the usage of Teams and other remote working options more or less overnight. New expectations on remote consultations further increased pressures, as did the need for data to understand local pressures, and all of this alongside existing long-term plans for increased healthcare digitisation. Huge projects like the implementation of electronic patient records remain firmly on the agenda.

So how can the pressures on NHS IT teams best be mitigated? Where does it make most sense to focus this key resource? How do the challenges of day to day IT operations – helping with lost passwords, supporting the user who can’t get into their email, dealing with hardware problems – need to sit alongside planning for broader strategic change? In short, how can organisations make the most of their IT teams?

This HSJ webinar, run in association with ServiceNow, brought together a small panel to consider such issues.

Webinar hosting presenter
Director of digital services, Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust
Webinar hosting presenter
Head of IT service delivery, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust
James Ling has a diverse background in the IT and digital sectors, including a decade spent working for managed service providers in the private sector. He joined the NHS in 2018, initially as an ICT customer service manager at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust before becoming the organisation’s head of IT service delivery in May 2020. He has sought to reduce the gap between IT and wider staff groups, and also leads ICT support teams. His aim is always to ensure clinicians have more time to dedicate to patient care
Webinar hosting presenter
Assistant director of technology and strategy, Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
Mary Macleod joined the NHS in May 2020, after several years in the private sector. She was initially head of ICT at Kettering General Hospital Foundation Trust, moving to her current post at Northamptonshire in February 2022. She is working with colleagues to further enhance the services provided by the trust’s digital teams, including streamlining and automating existing processes.
Webinar hosting presenter
Contributor, HSJ (webinar chair)
Claire Read is a professional writer and editor who has specialised in healthcare throughout her 20-year career. She has been a regular contributor to HSJ since 2012 and has a particular interest in healthcare digitisation and technology.