About This Webinar
The increasing frequency of extreme weather events is a troubling trend experienced by more and more people and businesses worldwide. Evidence is mounting that this phenomenon is a result of climate change due to anthropogenically driven global warming. In responding to such climate changes, SOx regulation dictated by the IMO came into effect this January along with a 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emission from the shipping industry by 2050. As the world's leading weather intelligence and technology provider, we would like to take this opportunity to share our knowledge and discuss how we can manage these new challenges together with you!
  • Climate change and impacts to the shipping industry
  • What are the trends in Charter Party compliance base ship operations?
  • Vessel Operations under IMO 2020: Optimum Ship Routing with Minimum Voyage Cost Priority
  • Next steps: Ideas on sustainability and staying ahead of regulations
Alex Bielski
EU Deputy Operation Leader & Service Value Coordinator
Thomas Fredberg
Official Performance Auditing Specialist
B. Sc. Chemistry and Geophysics from University of Copenhagen.
A long and strong career as a Meteorologist @ Danish Meteorological Institute
Mark Glander
EU/US Service Value Coordinator
WNI Voyage Planner / Risk Communicator