Following our first webinar, where we discussed how to understand the impact of Covid-19 on your sales, this second webinar, featuring our partner IRI, will focus on a review of the 2020 summer season, first in terms of record-setting summer weather and in terms of impact on your business.

Emily Mayer, Business Insight Director at IRI France, will join us and explain how this Summer 2020 has been an in-between sanitary crisis and economic crisis.

We hope to see you here and participate in the discussion on how this 2020 summer season has been for you.
  • Opening remarks and introduction
  • Summer 2020 weather review
  • Summer 2020: “A parentheses between sanitary crisis and economic crisis”
  • Summer weather impact analytics
  • Open discussion & Closing remarks
Business Insight Director, IRI
Expert in PCG's as a whole and also in the more specific Hygiene Beauty sector, Emily is the referent at IRI to deal with cross-cutting issues in these departments.
Sales & Business Development Manager, WNI
Specialist FMCG business optimization caring for Europe
Executive Officer Environment Planning, WNI
Marketing and Operation Executive for Global Energy Weather market in Weathernews Paris center.
Senior Meteorologist, WNI
PhD in Atmospheric sciences. ENSTA Paris engineer. MSc Sorbonne University.
Senior Data Scientist FMCG, WNI
Senior Expert on CPG/FMCG for 10 years at Weathernews