Join John Doe Advisors for a live interactive webinar event to learn how today's generation of retirees can optimize returns, reduce taxation, protect their assets & legacy, and create reliable income—regardless of market conditions.
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The quest for a comfortable retirement is challenging. American retirees are facing longer life expectancies, health care costs are rising, and pension plans are disappearing. After almost a decade of economic upheaval, market volatility, and low interest rates, individual consumers and their financial professionals are seeking solutions that can help make the idea of a comfortable retirement a reality.

Join John Doe and National Sales Manager Charlie Yoachum of WealthVest, a financial services research firm, for an exclusive webinar that helps demonstrate the risks retirees face in 2021 and a few potential options to help protect their savings.
  • HOW TO PLAN AROUND LOW INTEREST RATES: The US is currently experiencing record low interest rates. We will cover how annuities add principal protection (or “guarantees”) and growth potential to your portfolio
  • MARKET VOLATILITY: We will highlight strategies to protect your assets during high market valuations and stock market woes
  • TAX REDUCTION STRATEGIES: Are you making the most out of your portfolio? Don't pay more in taxes if you have to.
  • RETIREMENT INCOME: Do you have a guaranteed income strategy for retirement? We will cover strategies that offer guarantees to your retirement
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