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About This Webinar

Unpacking work + well-being Q&A Interviews with WE-Being Creators.
Each interview will go for approx. 20 mins with time to submit your own questions.

  • Monday 17th Feb - 12:30pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Mandy Siegel, Creator of Speaking with Confidence
  • Tuesday 18th Feb - 12:30pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Astara Vella, Creator of Connecting with Your Passion & Purpose
  • Wednesday 19th Feb - 12:30pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Michelle Whitehead, Creator of Creating Contracts that Care
  • Thursday 20th Feb - 12:30pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Anna Grillo, Creator of Leadership of YOU
  • Friday 21st Feb - 12:30pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Alan Kearns, Creator of Creating your Ideal Website
Language: English
Who can attend? Everyone
Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Leah Kearns
Conscious CEO + Founder
As a conscious being Leah strives to create ease in work and life through merging, melding and combining aspects through mindful practices, skills and techniques.

This lead Leah to create Upskill. Upskill is professional development, wrapped up in personal need and is really about blending work and well-being together. We call this 'werk'.

As part of being in the werk, Leah created a new learning and support methodology. This methodology is unique to Upskill and how WE-Being's clients' experience being in work and life with ease and implement their new skills while they're practising their new skills.

WE-Being is actively inviting new creators to join the 'werk' movement and become creators who help people-with-purpose to become and be well-beings through work + life skills supported in a community setting, and in turn help WE-Being to achieve their mission to help 147,000 people to become and be well-being's by Dec 2022.
Webinar hosting presenter
WE-Being Creator | Voice Coach & Trainer | Founder
Mandy’s purpose is to inspire women to speak from the heart, spread their message with joy and confidence and grow their career and business by being authentically YOU!

Mandy is a holistic and super creative being. As a singer, performer and presenter with extensive experience in Human Resources, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy she is fully equipped with a tonne of knowledge and life experience to help you find your true voice from the inside out.

She is convinced that when people speak their true voice and “Sing” in their lives - both literally and metaphorically - they ‘light up’ and in turn ‘light up’ others. That is how she facilitates change in the world.

Never before has there been a better time for you to be your true self and SHINE!
Webinar hosting presenter
WE-Being Creator | Founder
Astara is passionate about co-creating creative natural living experiences that support humanity in connecting in with their heart centres and in with nature.

With her extensive 12 year background in workshop and retreat facilitation, Astara blends her qualifications and experience of Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Meditation Facilitation, Visual Arts, Permaculture and Wisdom Circles to create wholehearted and uplifting experiences.

She is a co-author of a collaborative published book titled ‘Spiritual Conversations’ and endeavours to share video, audio and written resources online and face-to-face across a variety of platforms including WE-Being.

Astara tours around Australia and internationally to share workshops and retreats to enhance the living experience of people by inviting deeper connections to their hearts through creativity, community and the land.
Webinar hosting presenter
Creator | Lawyer | Founder
Michelle Whitehead is an Australian lawyer and accredited mediator who provides creative entrepreneurs with the ultimate tools for business self-care. Michelle believes wholeheartedly in the need for education around legal concepts, particularly for creative entrepreneurs who – when faced with paying a lawyer to bore them to death - would rather run the risk of not knowing.

She is enchanted by the fascinating challenge of reinventing traditional legal constructs for the needs of a new paradigm of business, basing them on principles of connection and caring rather than fear and avoidance. She creates contracts that care, demystifies intellectual property, advises on setting brave boundaries, handles conflict with empathy, and provides risk management with a woo woo twist.

She is also an unschooler who can't resist any story that begins "once upon a time."
Webinar hosting presenter
Creator | Well-Being Mentor & Educator | Founder
Anna Grillo is a Transforming Well-Being Mentor & Educator who combines her Corporate HR knowledge and experience with the wellness practices of Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping). Her focus is to help people reconnect with their true self.

Anna helps people to overcome stress and overwhelm through the transformative well-being practices of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) and Kinesiology. This is combined with HR experience in the professional services sector. Anna provides 1:1 coaching, workshops, e-products, and speaking engagements.

Reconnect with your true self.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director | Leader | Business Partner | Business Improvement Expert
Alan brings over 10 years of experience in technical systems set up, migration and business improvement. He looks for the best ways to help organisations save time, money and energy. He understands both the challenges faced by start up businesses as they scale up and the singular importance of a centralized repository for all the information relating to the business and its clients.

Alan has a strong passion for self growth and takes pride in being able to mentor and lead others. In the past 12 months he has moved to an organisation whose mission is to help others. This is incredibly important to Alan and drives him to succeed for those who are less fortunate and to enable them to have a voice and an active place in our community.

Starting his career as an engineer he initially thought that problems could be fixed by good solutions alone. Within a short time, Alan realised the importance of people and the need to support people through change as much as you have to spend time creating a good solution.

This people centered approach has led Alan to tools for assessing people’s innate strengths and working with his team to build these and to really start to grow once we are all orientated to our natural abilities.

Despite work being really busy, a strong awareness of self and an emphasis on wellbeing is helping Alan to succeed. This focus on wellbeing gives Alan an immense passion for life and work. Alan loves being in nature to help ground him and remember what is truly important in life.
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