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How to raise capital and accelerate growth for emerging brands in Food, Drinks & Beauty

UP, the 2.0 event dedicated to disruptive and emerging brands, invites you to attend an exclusive webinar conference where you will learn how to raise capital to accelerate your business growth.

This Spring we will also host these interesting webinars:

April 11
Part One: How to scale your production capacity and match the requirements of larger retail networks
Part Two: Increase your sales internationally by choosing the right partners

May 23
Increasing sales with Digital Marketing

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  • Financing your startup & understanding your needs : Beyond money, what type of partner are you looking for?
  • Different sources of funding: Their sequencing, and their specificities: Who to see, when and for which need
  • Stages of fundraising: Upstream (crating relations, learning the ecosystem), Roadshow (deck, BP, data room, management prez), closing the deal (negotiation, pact of shareholder), moving forward
  • The selection criteria at Eutopia
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  • Photo_asseo2
    Pierre Asseo - Wabel
    Founder & CEO of Wabel
    UP is an event for disruptive and emerging brands taking place at the Carrousel du Louvre on June 27-28 2019.

    Traditional Food & Beauty retailers stand to gain substantially by partnering with the industry’s disruptive brands to capture new consumer trends. That’s what UP by Wabel is for!
  • Guillaume
    Guillaume Teboul
    Partner, Cambon
    Cambon Partners provides growth companies with comprehensive advisory services for Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance, including:

    - Sellout to a strategic buyer
    - Majority and minority stake sales to LBO and growth equity funds
    - Venture and growth capital funding
    - Debt refinancing and raising of bank of bond financing
    - Acquisitions
  • Antoine_fine
    Antoine Fine
    Co-founder, Eutopia VC
    About Eutopia VC:

    - A Paris and New York based early stage venture capital fund.
    - They invest in consumer startups who are rethinking the way we eat, sleep, dress, exercise and feel.
    - They empower early-stage startups to grow through investment, in-house expertise and a network of global advisors.
    - With Europe as their investment playground, and the US as second home, they invest at seed/series
    - A stage in rounds from €500,000 to €10 million. Eutopia VC joins early and invest for the long haul.