Forty years ago, when the first critical illness products were introduced, only one in four cancer patients survived and the average life expectancy was just one year. Today, that number has doubled and life expectancy following a diagnosis has increased tenfold. More people are likely to need to claim multiple times for a serious illness or be left uninsured and uninsurable after receiving an ‘all or nothing’ payout, if they qualify for one at all. According to the recent CIExpert report, however, most are unaware they can claim multiple times on a critical illness plan, while over a third said they were more likely to consider protection after knowing they could (rising to more than half of millennials).

Given the arrival of Consumer Duty, there has never been a greater opportunity to embrace critical illness product innovation and to recommend products that are moving in line with these trends. Earn CPD and join us as we uncover what the future holds for critical illness insurance with the help of leading industry experts, and hear from Hayley, a real-life claimant herself.

Chair: Rob Harvey, Adviser Editor, Vitality


Paul Roberts, Proposition & Distribution Director, CIExpert;
Zoe Priselac, Adviser & Managing Director, Way More;
Hayley Morris, Vitality.
Rob Harvey
Adviser Editor, Vitality
Paul Roberts
Proposition and Distribution Director, CIExpert
Zoe Priselac
Managing Director and Protection Adviser, Way More
Hayley Morris
Business Consultant, Vitality
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