14:00 MAIN STAGE: Welcome & Introduction (Thomas Woods & Hugo Braam)
14:15 MAIN STAGE: Creating Innovative Fitness Concepts: Culture is Key (Marjolijn Meijer & Daan Bakker)
14:45 Break
14:50 WORKSHOP: How to Innovate & Disrupt the Fitness Industry (Somi Arian)
14:50 WORKSHOP: The Importance of Community Building (Natalia Karbasova)
14:50 WORKSHOP: Why ‘same old same old’ doesn’t work - moving towards a new food model (Dr. Ludidi)
15:20 Break
15:25 MAIN STAGE: No Struggle, No Victory: dealing with dreams and setbacks in a high pressure environment (Mark Tuitert)
15:55 Break
16:00 WORKSHOP: Exclusive Celebrity Workout Session (Mark Jenkins)
16:00 WORKSHOP: Barry's: Why Corporate Social Responsibility Creates Success (Sandy Macaskill)
16:00 WORKSHOP: Apple's Impact on the Fitness Industry (Bryan O'Rourke)
16:30 Break
16:35 MAIN STAGE: Panel discussion: EuropeActive & Deloitte Fitness Industry Report on COVID-19 (Herman Rutgers, Hugo Braam, Daan Bakker)
17:00 MAIN STAGE: Closing (Thomas Woods)

Details About the Webinar

About the Speakers

1599650094-cd349b3b61eb6ad0 Marjolijn Meijer
Founder & CEO Urban Gym Group (TrainMore, Clubsportive & HIGH STUDIOS)

Marjolijn Meijer once started as a kindergarten teacher, but soon found her passion in fitness. During the past 20+ years, she has become a successful fitness entrepreneur with a clear goal in mind: inspire as many people as possible to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Between 1998 and 2020 Marjolijn has gained experience with many facets of the fitness industry. In her first gym she gave aerobic lessons herself, nowadays she’s in charge of the Urban Gym Group. This holding consists of three separate fitness formulas. The very high-end, premium gym Clubsportive (2 branches), the first boutique fitness chain in the Netherlands HIGH Studios (4 branches) and the innovative fitness chain TrainMore (17 branches).

As CEO of three quickly expanding fitness concepts, Marjolijn mainly focuses on topics as growth, innovation, brand identity, women in the industry, finance and HR. Furthermore, she is currently following a master of Culture and Change to gain more insights on these subjects. She is using her freshly gained knowledge to take her businesses to the next level. Marjolijn loves to share her experience, the successes as well as the failures, to help other fitness entrepreneurs reach their goals.

1600271152-2959ed026231bcdf Mark Tuitert
Olympic Gold Medallist & CEO First Energy Gum

Mark Tuitert is a speed skating champion athlete who holds an Olympic Gold medal, an Olympic Bronze medal, a World Championship and a World Cup medal. He is now a successful fitness entrepreneur and founder & CEO of First Energy Gum ( Mark also hosts the podcast 'Drive', is a TV pundit for speed skating and works as a motivational speaker.

1600271266-3b45c797a9bfa927 Herman Rutgers
Co-founder and Ambassador, EuropeActive

Herman Rutgers is an international executive armed with an extensive experience in managing international businesses, of which the last 25 years have been in the fitness industry on the supplier ( Life Fitness, Octane) operator ( SATS, Sportcity, Activage & Basic-Fit) and associations ( EHFA/IHRSA) -level.

He is the co-founder and Ambassador of EuropeActive in Brussels, has contributed to several books and market research on the sector and is a much sought after moderator and speaker.

1600271375-4d1fc3c8a6debfd5 Hugo Braam
Co-founder & CEO, Virtuagym

Hugo is co-founder of Virtuagym, one of the first movers in the fitness technology space. With over 15 million users and 5,000+ business on their open platform, they are one of the biggest players in digital exercise and nutrition coaching and digitizing the member journey using mobile technology.

1600271410-93a558b58d79ef19 Daan Bakker
Global Director of Growth, Virtuagym

1600271444-e3e5e249e46a21e0 Thomas Woods
VP Enterprise Sales, Virtuagym

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