What treatment options do you offer patients with unresectable renal cell cancer, a disease typically resistant to conventional radiotherapy?

Join Amsterdam University Medical Centers’ Dr. Anna Bruynzeel and Omar Bohoudi, as they share Amsterdam UMC’s advanced approach to radiotherapy for unresectable renal cell cancer (RCC), including breakthrough data on 36 patients with primary RCC treated with 40 Gy/5 fractions using daily adaptive MRIdian SMART.
Radiation Oncologist
Since 2012, Dr. Bruynzeel has served as Radiation Oncologist at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her areas of interest are Neuro-Oncology, Gastrointestinal Tract Oncology, Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy and MR-guided Radiotherapy. The latter has recently been introduced in clinical practice using the MRIdian system. Anna belongs to the core team developing protocols and performing MR- guided adaptive treatment including patients with locally advanced pancreatic tumors, prostate cancer and kidney cancer.
Dosimetrist and Radiation Therapist
In 2009, Omar Bohoudi has joined the Amsterdam UMC where he had been working in various clinical and research roles with the focus on treatment planning. In 2017, Omar has obtained his MSc degree in medical physics at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). The last major project he contributed to relate to the clinical implementation of MRI-guided treatment at the Amsterdam UMC (focus on adaptive treatment planning). After the rollout of this new technology, he started his PhD research on “Planning strategies and outcomes of adaptive planning in MR-guided radiotherapy”.