With cancer treatment centres in Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom and now the United States, GenesisCare is the world’s largest private provider of radiotherapy. Working in collaboration with the University of Oxford, GenesisCare has brought the UK’s first MRIdian MR-guided facility to the UK.

On this webinar, the team will be discussing the insights gained during the MRIdian implementation process and from treating their first 50 patients, leveraging MR-guided radiotherapy and adapting patient care to a rapidly changing cancer landscape. Hear about the role of SABR as an alternative to surgery and chemotherapy for urological and hepatobiliary cancers, and in the setting of reirradiation.
Clinical Director of SBRT
Head/neck and GI oncologist, employed at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Committee member, UK SABR Consortium. Highest volume UK liver SBRT clinician, works within one of Europe’s busiest HPB oncology teams. Interests in HCC, pancreas, and oligomets. Experienced in Elekta, CyberKnife, and ViewRay MRIdian platforms.
Clinical Director of Urology
Senior clinical researcher with Oxford University. Clinical Oncologist employed by Oxford University Hospitals. PI in the CORE clinical trial and leading on the prostate arm. Research active over the last 14 years as a consultant as a PI with numerous radiotherapy related clinical trials e.g. PACE-B, CHHIP, RADICALS, PIVOTAL-BOOST. Philip spearheaded the Space OAR programme and currently Clinical Director for the Urology Reference Group also. Credentialed in MR-Linac delivery and leading the Oxford MR Linac.
Specialist SBRT Advisor
Employed at The Royal County Hospital, Surrey. Is the PI for 3 SABR clinical trials recruiting in UK (SARON, CORE and HALT). Has treated over 400 cases. undertook a research fellowship at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, Texas studying various methods of managing respiratory motion. Credentialed in MR-Linac delivery.