Bring your questions to two of our best in-house experts in physics and treatment workflow and get the answers you need. This interactive discussion is designed to reveal tips and tricks for using MRIdian and MR guidance to advance patient care, so join Maria and Vito to discuss whatever is on your mind.
ViewRay RT Scientist
Vito is a clinical scientist at ViewRay Inc, where he has been working for the past 9 years, helping develop and implement the first generation of MR-IGRT systems into the clinic. He started his career in the field of Radiation Oncology as a therapist 30 years ago, holding various positions at academic and hospital-based practices, and later on becoming a dosimetrist. He has grown through his 30-year career in radiological sciences to represent the latest step in the evolution in Radiotherapy.
Vice President, Clinical Marketing
Michael Saracen is Vice President of Clinical Marketing at ViewRay Inc., where he has worked since 2012 helping with the development, productization, launch, and clinical utilization of the MRIdian and MRIdian Linac products in the commercial market globally. He has nearly 25 years’ experience with innovating, patenting, developing, and launching new products into the medical device industry. With over 18 years specifically focused on Radiation Oncology working for companies such as Radionics, CIVCO, and Accuray. Michael received his master’s degree from Brown University in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs and has 19 issued patents covering robotics, Quality Assurance, tracking & vision systems, and treatment planning software.
Viewray, Manager Medical Physics RSO
Maria is a board-certified Medical Physicist, motivated by the opportunity to change the practice of radiation therapy and improve the lives of cancer patients around the world. She is also easily distracted by things that sparkle.