VENT’s annual tour to Hungary and the Czech Republic is among our most diverse and beautiful tour offerings. For two weeks in the early fall, participants enjoy an exceptional blend of birding and cultural experiences perhaps unsurpassed on any other VENT tour. Our next webinar production explores this fascinating trip in full. Presented by Balázs Szigeti, principal guide and founder of Ecotours Wildlife Holidays (VENT’s partner for this tour), viewers will preview the avian highlights of the tour as well as the spectacular sights of the famous cities of Prague and Budapest. Join us for this presentation on March 10 and learn about the various habitats, birds and mammals, hotels, concert venues, and other cultural aspects of the trip, and hear some of the testimonies of travelers from previous tours. Delivered with still images and video footage, Balázs will have you feeling part of the actual tour, at least for an hour! And who knows? You might decide to join us on this wonderful departure.
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    Ben Reynolds
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    Balázs Szigeti
    Principal guide and founder of Ecotours Wildlife Holidays
    Balázs Szigeti is a dedicated birdwatcher and the director of Ecotours Wildlife Holidays Ltd. Based in Budapest, he leads tours to most of Eastern Europe and Mongolia. Balázs speaks perfect English, has a great sense of humor, and has traveled widely in Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Americas.

    He is a gifted birdwatcher able to imitate many European bird calls…even a nightjar…no mean feat! Balázs is also a keen wildlife photographer.