About This Webinar
Upping Your OQ Game starts with staying informed!

Our team of experts at Veriforce work hard to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes, proposed new rule-making, and industry news. We love sharing this information to help guide and support our clients.

Let’s dig into DOT-PHMSA mandated anti-drug & alcohol programs. This webinar explains the importance of D&A programs, reviews the requirements, recent changes, and common findings, plus shares how a technology partner can help.

Pipeline operators are ultimately accountable to PHMSA for their contractors’ compliance with drug and alcohol testing requirements. Intuitive technology with support from industry-experts helps make managing contractor compliance easier.

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  • Learn the importance of D&A programs
  • Understand D&A requirements
  • Review recent changes
  • Share common findings
  • Discover how technology can help
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    Dennis Kuhn
    Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist/Drug & Alcohol Program Manager
    Dennis has 31 years’ experience in the fields of regulatory compliance, training, management, operations and logistics. He has worked with numerous regulatory requirements from several governing agencies including: DOT, OSHA, DOE, DOD, EPA, State and International. He often speaks at industry events, including the Alabama Pipeline Seminar, LGA, Mississippi PSC Conference, New Mexico State Conference, Texas Gas Association, and Western Region Gas Conference.