· Kyiv (GMT 2:00)
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About This Webinar
This will be a multilingual webinar - English/Ukrainian/Russian.

Join us on November 9th, direct from our Ukraine office in Kharkiv, where we will discuss career tips for Ukraine Programmers, why working for a global CRO can boost your career, the importance of company culture and training, and the future of Veramed Ukraine!

This is a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about Veramed's plans in the Ukraine, our Graduate Training Programme, approach to career development/training and more.

  • Maintaining culture as a global CRO, Matt Jones, CEO and Co-founder of Veramed
  • Programming at Veramed: insight from the ground floor, Hector Leitch, Programmer I
  • Working remotely in Ukraine, Mariia Pavliuk, Senior Statistician II
  • Developing the next generation of Programmers, Anastasiia Domashenko, Office Manager, Kharkiv
  • My journey with the Ukraine Graduate Training Programme, Anastasiia Konvisrova, Programmer I
  • Programming Opportunities in Ukraine, Artem Andriichenko, Prinicipal Programmer
  • The future of Veramed Ukraine, Daniil Shliakov, Programming Manager, Kharkiv Site Head
Daniil Shliakhov
Programming Manager & Site Head for Veramed Ukraine
Daniil is a Principal Statistical Programmer and Site Manager at Veramed. He received his Master’s degree at the National Technical University in Kharkiv, Ukraine and has been involved in Clinical SAS programming for the last 11 years. Daniil has worked at a wide range of global CROs and big Pharmaceutical companies from around the world during his career, giving him key insight on how other global CRO and Pharmaceutical companies operate, how people are managed and how to develop both young and senior leveled Programmers.
Matthew Jones
CEO and Co-founder of Veramed
As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Matthew’s responsibilities include the provision of strategic direction and operational leadership to the company. He also provides oversight and management for the delivery of key projects.

Matthew began his pharmaceutical career in SAS programming with Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (now Quanticate), where he honed his technical skills through various positions of ascending seniority. He subsequently worked in a variety of freelance and permanent programming positions across the industry for both CRO and large Pharma, and developed a deep working knowledge of several different outsourcing models.

Matthew holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Nottingham (1999) and an executive MBA from Cranfield University (2006).
Kirill Kamyshanskiy