How to set up a prospective observational study that really adds value

How can you make the most out of a prospective observational study?
How can you turn perceived limitations into strengths?
How can you run them effectively with minimal burden for yourself?

Often referred to as “seeding studies”, prospective observational studies have primarily been used as a tool to drive sales. Although this is still unfortunately the case, prospective observational studies also provide a huge amount of hidden value, especially in comparison to their monetary investment - when done right.

Observational studies differ in many ways from typical clinical studies. They are non-interventional, their ethical approval mostly takes care of privacy topics, study medication is provided through the usual clinical practice rather than the sponsor, and investigators are typical practitioners without any specific training and onboarding. As a result, many challenges can arise within these studies. However, if done right, the benefits outweigh the problems by far.
  • Real-time analysis of an example prospective observational study, showcasing how you can make the most out of the research - especially when working on a new product launch or new indication.
  • Common mistakes to avoid in observational studies.
  • Interesting features of observational studies and their hidden value.
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