Wednesday, Sep 9 | 1:00 PM (EDT)
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About This Webinar
Despite 2020 being the year of COVID, the home improvement industry is up nearly 23%. With fewer expenses, US consumer’s credit card balances have decreased by 14%, FICO scores are up, and because we’re all stuck at home, people are extremely motivated to upgrade their homes.

A recent study suggests 75% of homeowners want to hang onto their hard-earned cash and finance at least some part of their next project.

So how do you make financing a sales tool for your reps? How do you make it simple for the homeowner? And, how do you eliminate the baggage that traditionally comes alongside financing?

Hatch, the messaging platform for home improvement companies, and contractor financing app, Hearth, are teaming up to help you use financing to close more deals, without the traditional fees and baggage.
  • When and how to introduce financing in your sales process
  • Messaging tactics that get homeowners to buy
  • The new way to offer financing that doesn’t impact credit scores
Josh Carter
Marketing Manager, Partnerships and Operations
James Waite
Head of Partner Marketing