About This Webinar
Within the last year, 75% of homeowners opted to finance some portion of their home improvement project.

As more companies begin to offer financing in home improvement, your business faces a competitive disadvantage without the option.

In this live webinar with our partners over at Hearth, you'll learn how to effectively weave financing messaging into your sales process to win more deals and grow your revenue.
  • How financing is impacting the home improvement industry as a whole.
  • The when, why, and how to offer it in your sales process.
  • Text and email templates that you can start using today.
Chris Bache from Hatch
CEO & Co-Founder
Chris Bache is the co-founder and CEO of Hatch. Their messaging app for home improvement and home services companies helps businesses be first to every new lead, rehash the leads that don’t buy, and communicate with customers throughout the entire journey.
Sarah Kreps from Hearth
Business Development Manager @ Hearth
Hearth is a financial technology company working with tens of thousands of home improvement professionals. Hearth provides them simple customer financing solutions, digital payment collection, and more.