Handling Objections During Rehash [Messaging Master Class]
About This Webinar
Companies that do rehash right can increase their close rate between 7-10% - but the key to success isn’t just automating your follow-up.

Once you’ve launched a rehash campaign and messages start pouring in, do you and your team know how to respond?

In this messaging master class, we’re talking all about how to handle objections during the Rehash process, and check out how to use Hatch's Suggested Responses to help out.

We’ll dive in and explore how to respond to:
- Pricing Objections
- Timing Objections
- Leads that seem uninterested

It can be easy to cherry-pick conversations that look super easy to close, but you’re leaving money on the table. It’s time to dig in, and face those objections head-on.
Sarah Kilmon
Sarah has worked with Hatch customers and the Home Improvement Industry since 2016.
She is a patient teacher, but that doesn't mean she won't challenge attendees to brainstorm and push themselves to learn about how to be better communicators.
Blair Munford
Blair spends her day working with Hatch customers to see what works - and what doesn't. We're happy to have her join us for this month's class.
This webinar will show you…
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    Using Reports to Find Responses that Work
    We'll take a look at reports to see what responses are effective, and what could use some work.
  • 1600438390-ee4cc52d2af39e43
    Responding to Objections
    We'll go over some examples of how to respond to pricing and timing objections.
  • 1600438299-58561c1036b57eda
    How to Use Suggested Responses
    Once we've talked about objection handling, we'll take a look at how to add this to your process in Hatch.