Converting More Website Visitors to Leads [Messaging Master Class]
About This Webinar
QUICK NOTE: Webinar starts around 4-minute mark! Had some issues with the audio at the beginning.


The average web visitor spends less than 2 minutes on your site. How can you set your website up to convince more of those visitors to give you their number before they leave?

Then, once they have submitted information, what is the best way to communicate with that new lead?

In this Messaging Master Class, we’re talking all about how to engage new leads coming in from your website or lead generation tools like HomeAdvisor or Modernize.

We’ll dive in to the importance of Speed to Lead and explore how to respond to:
- Web Form Leads
- Chat Leads
- Lead Generation Leads from Modernize, Homeadvisor, etc.

Walk away confident with next steps that your team needs to take to make sure you are getting the most out of the leads you pay for.
Sarah Kilmon
Sarah has worked with Hatch customers and the Home Improvement Industry since 2016.
She is a patient teacher, but that doesn't mean she won't challenge attendees to brainstorm and push themselves to learn about how to be better communicators.
Blair Munford
Blair spends her day working with Hatch customers to see what works - and what doesn't. We're happy to have her join us again for this month's class.
This webinar will show you…
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    Using Reports to Find Responses that Work
    We'll take a look at reports to see what responses are effective, and what could use some work.
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    Improving Speed to Lead
    We'll go over tips to make sure you are responding to leads as soon as you receive them.
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    Responding to Leads
    Once we've talked about how leads come in, we'll take a look at how to respond to them in Hatch.